PLEASANTON (KCBS)— Governor Jerry Brown rode through Pleasanton on Monday to encourage members of the Democratic Party in preparation for next week’s election and to promote California’s Propositions 1 and 2.

Seeming to be energetic, Governor Brown told his followers at the Democratic Party offices that it wasn’t so long ago that California was in a sorry state with high unemployment, deep budget cuts and declining revenues. He said California has turned a big corner.

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“That’s why I think there’s such enthusiasm for Proposition 1 and Proposition 2 because it’s all about the basics. Save water, save money. Save California,” he exclaimed.

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According to the Brown’s office, Proposition 1 would ensure a reliable water supply for farms and businesses, while Proposition 2 would help create a sizable rainy day fund.

During his talk, an audio speaker kept popping loudly, prompting the governor to make a comparison to politics.

“You know what? That’s the way politics is. There’s a certain amount of static in everything you do,” he quipped.

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Should he win re-election, Governor Brown says he has no intention of returning to Oakland to run for mayor again.