SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – Madison Bumgarner threw the last five innings in relief to preserve the Giants 3-2 lead and win the team’s third World Series championship in five seasons.

“They really came through,” John Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew. “Just observing the Giants and having observed them most of the year, they really looked tired… But they didn’t play tired. You say, ‘Jeez they look tired, they looked drained.’ And they kind of did, including Bumgarner. But they didn’t play that way. Just the wear and tear of the season and all those games has to be there, and the way that they played through it to me was amazing.”

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The playoffs mean another month of baseball and travel after a long regular season.

“It’s not only playing more games, but it’s the stress of these games and the importance of them,” Madden said. “When a team is out of it and they’re playing a Tuesday game in Milwaukee or something, that’s not the same thing. They can take a little time off, I mean if not physically, just mentally… The Giants played that long, that many games and went through the wears and tears grinding every doggone game. And that to an observer is very, very impressive.”

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Madden said it’s too early to start thinking about next season.

“I think there’s too much of ‘what’s next,” John said. “At some point there has to be a gap for enjoyment… When you go through what they went through, there out to be a little period to enjoy it.” (7:00)

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