(KCBS) – With NFL game video now readily available on a variety of devices, more players are taking it upon themselves to check out the competition. John Madden said it’s a troubling trend.

“Watching film is a talent,” Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew. “When I was a coach I used to teach them how to watch film. Part of watching film is having a discussion about what they’re doing, about what you’re going to do and about your assignments. It’s not watching it by yourself… I know there are a lot of people (who say), ‘Well I watch film all the time.’ No, you don’t watch film. What you do is run film through some device.”

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Madden said it’s a growing problem for coaches.

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“The younger the player, the less he knows. The most dangerous thing is them making their own conclusions from it. I had a group of players who used to take film home and watch it together on Friday. And then Saturday they’d come back with all these ideas… I’d have to spend all Saturday going back and say ‘No, that’s not right. That’s not what they do. Here’s what they do and here’s what we’re going to do.'” (6:30)

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