OAKLAND (CBS SF) — One of the 15 candidates in the Oakland mayor’s race, who gained some notoriety after he was featured in a TV segment by talk show host Jimmy Kimmel, managed to glean a few hundred votes despite his views which include the Internet being a tool for masturbation and using horses as a form of alternative urban transportation.

33-year-old Peter Liu was among the bottom eight candidates in a field of 15 who asserted before the election that they were being denied media coverage afforded to better-known candidates.

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Liu garnered 246 votes, landing in the middle of the pack of the bottom eight candidates. The top vote-getter, Libby Schaaf, recieved more than 16,000 votes.

Liu claims to be a self-made millionaire and told the San Francisco Chronicle before the election he was motivated to run by a relative who “called me a piece of sh-t” and because God asked him to. On his profile page on the oaklandmayor2014.com website, he uses the word “f-ck” ten times in his written statement.

Liu says he supports allowing all citizens and business owners to have permits to carry concealed weapons as a deterrent to crime. His picture on the Oakland mayoral candidate website shows him wielding a gun.

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On the Oakland mayoral candidates web page Liu offered this response when asked about increasing access to Internet and technology to lesser-served areas of Oakland:

“Not sure if the “digital divide” is such a bad thing, I don’t think kids are suffering because of it, but I’ll bridge the gap in Oakland with condoms. You see, what it means is 95% of the kids up in the Oakland hills be clicking on porno sites at an earlier age versus 50% of flatland kids be hooking it up with the real thang so they need contraceptives …”

“The lesson here is this: when your son says “Mommy, Daddy, I need internet access for homework.” This really translates to: “I am gonna masturbate online while my parents at work yo.”

Liu also proposed riding horses as an alternative form of transportation.

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“I am an animal lover and those ponies are cute. With my trusty horse sidekick, HORSEY, I’ll ride like a western cowboy slinging revolvers and my horse s*** all over Oakland grass patches as natural fertilizer for the trees and flowers. I am an environmentalist too. “