SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Many seeking employment at a South of Market job fair were elated, after Tuesday’s vote in San Francisco to gradually raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour.

The job fair, put on by Goodwill Mission Economic Development Association had more than 30 employers set up at their hiring hub and job center at 1500 Mission Street. Reaction to the wage increase was mostly positive.

Bill Grandy works with The Community Housing Partnership and said the decision by the voters will make the city a better place to live.

“$15 an hour is nothing for this town where we have a median home price of $1 million. Really? 15? It’s not. It’s needed and it’s been needed and it will keep more San Franciscans in San Francisco,” Grandy said.

Granado Portillo is an out-of-work mover and said even the current $10.74 minimum wage is not great. He recalled working at Candlestick park as a 13-year-old kid and making $7.25 an hour back then.

San Francisco is the second city, joining Seattle, to have the highest minimum wage in the country. The incremental increase will reach its peak in 2018. Oakland passed their own minimum wage increase that will set theirs at $12.25 an hour. That takes effect in March.



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