SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Pedestrian safety advocates rallied in front of San Francisco City Hall on Friday to get tour-bus drivers prohibited from also acting as tour guides. This comes after an October 23rd accident in front of City Hall that killed a 68-year-old city employee, Pricilla Moreto, who was in the crosswalk.

The police investigation of that incident found the driver of the motorized cable car that struck the victim was focused of showing his passengers City Hall instead of on the road.

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Rudy Asercion from the National Federation of Filipino American Associations said that investigation spurred his group to take action.

“We’re asking the board of supervisors to introduce a resolution to see if the city attorney can pass legislation to prohibit tour guides to be driving tour buses at the same time,” he said.

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Supervisor Jane Kim said her office hopes to take the fight to the state level.

“Locally we don’t have jurisdiction over tour buses. These are the types of transportation that can only be regulated by the California Public Utilities Commission,” Kim said.

She said a resolution would be a symbolic and strong ask to Sacramento to take action.

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The driver of the tour bus was arrested for misdemeanor vehicular manslaughter. Meanwhile the CPUC has not returned KCBS’ calls for comment on requests for potential changes to tour-bus regulations.