SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) – The Philadelphia Eagles trounced the Carolina Panthers 45-21 Monday night after the Packers dominated the Bears 55-14 in the Sunday night game. John Madden for one is concerned about the number of blowouts in the NFL this season, especially in prime-time games.

“With today’s rules everything favors the offense,” John Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew. “The feeling is that fans like to see passing, they like to see big plays, they like to see scoring, they like to see all those things. But now I think we have to look out that we don’t get too many blowouts. Because the assumption is if it’s made easier for the offense and you have high-scoring games that both teams will score high.”

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Madden says that’s not happening.

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“The other assumption is that there are enough quarterbacks to go around for everyone to have a quarterback so everyone can (score high). There aren’t enough quarterbacks in the league that can do what they have to do to score a lot of points… What’s more boring? A blowout like we see every prime-time game, or a defensive struggle, like 14-10? I do come down on (the side) that we need balance.” (6:40)

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