OAKLAND (CBS SF) – As a member of the Oakland Athletics, Jose Canseco gained fame as the first person ever to steal 40 bases and blast 40 homers in the same year. Now in retirement, Canseco may become the first (we hope) to successfully sell a finger he shot off on eBay.

The 50-year-old former member of the famed “Bash Brothers” duo lost his finger while cleaning his gun last month. Canseco claims that after getting medical treatment to repair the damage the finger fell off again during a poker game. Now he says he wants to sell the dismembered digit online.

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It’s hard to know if he’s joking about the finger sale, but it is clear that he’s having some fun at his own expense (he got some practice at this after letting a home run ball bounce off his head in ’93). Here are his best recent tweets about the bizarre finger affair:

Canseco even turned the tragedy into a poem…

The 1988 American League MVP hit more than half of his 462 career home runs while playing nine years in Oakland. He retired after suiting up for six other franchises between 1992 and 2001.