by Brandon Mercer

BERKELEY (CBS SF) — An experiment into human nature–or at least the nature of humans attending the University of California at Berkeley–caught on camera some surprising results as an “activist” waved first an ISIS flag and shouted terrorist rants and then switched to an Israel flag with a Zionist tirade.

The video, posted to Facebook by pro Israeli group Stand With Us features filmmaker Ami Horowitz.

Horowitz posted the video on Youtube, other sites, and in a Fox News opinion piece.

He first stages an impromptu “protest” as an ISIS supporter, with students ignoring or completely being oblivious to the terrorist rants. One even says “Good luck.” Then when he switches to Israeli rants he is cursed at, scorned, and engaged with. It’s unclear how long the videos took to create, or what edits were created. Horowitz does change outfits between the two parts of the video.

The bit did get him detained at San Francisco International Airport.