SAN JOSE (KCBS)— Many of the homeless evicted from San Jose’s “Jungle” encampment last week have begun moving to a new area in the city. In a wooded area along Tully Road, some of the homeless and their pets have set up tents and tarps claiming a new stretch of Coyote Creek as home at least for now. Some are already calling it the Jungle 2.0.

Lucia and Tony, who didn’t give their last names, are friends who came from the Jungle. He was annoyed with the media, which he said are acting like paparazzi.

“To me it feels like they’re chasing us to get a story. Sometimes I feel betrayal there,” he said.

Ray Bramson, San Jose’s Homelessness Response Manager, said social workers are reaching out to former Jungle residents with offers of temporary housing.

“What we’re trying to prevent is we’re trying to first avoid that entrenchment where the serious health and safety issues arise and then get to those people and try to figure out what housing solutions we can provide to keep them out of the dangerous living environment,” Bramson said.

Meanwhile, city rangers are also increasing patrols along the Coyote Creek to keep another large homeless encampment from reappearing.

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