OAKLAND (KCBS) – The Oakland Raiders are re-energizing their fans, winning their third home game in a row by beating a solid Bills team 26-24.

“There are some signs of a football team,” John Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew. “They use that word dysfunctional and I’m not sure that that’s the word. But they’ve kind of floundered for awhile. They didn’t have a lot going. They didn’t have the running and the passing and the defense and the pass rush and all the stuff you need to win in pro football. And now they’re getting close. They have an offensive line now. They can run block. They can run the ball, so then that gives them the play action pass and it helps Derek Carr. They got a little defense that can put a little pressure on the passer. They’re doing some things that you have to do to win games.”

Raiders running back Latavius Murray carried the ball 23 times for 86 yards, and has averaged 5.7 yards per carry over the last five games.

“He’s a good back,” John said. “You just watch him run. He’s a big guy but he doesn’t run like a long legged guy. He has good moves. He’s patient to the hole, and then he bursts through the hole. He does all the things that a running back is supposed to do. I think he’s a heck of an inside runner. He just doesn’t blast in there with his eyes closed. He blasts in there, uses his blockers, reads them, reads the defense, makes moves… He’s going to be a heck of a back.”

Across the bay on Saturday, the 49ers lost to the San Diego Chargers, squandering a big half-time lead. Madden said it can’t all be blamed on injuries. “When you have a 28-7 lead and you blow it, that’s bad. I don’t care what your situation is.” (6:55)

(Listen to the John Madden segment live weekday mornings at 8:15 and Monday and Friday mornings at 9:15 on KCBS All News 740 AM/106.9 FM.)


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