(KCBS) – Heading into the last weekend of the season, who are the best teams in the AFC and NFC?

“I would say Seattle and New England,” John Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew. “That’s the best going in. They put themselves into position, if they keep peaking, to be the two teams. There are a lot of things that can happen…but right now, in my mind, they’re the two best teams.”

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Two other top teams, 11-4 Detroit and 11-4 Green Bay face off this weekend.

“You’re so used to Green Bay being good with Aaron Rodgers,” Madden said, “and that’s where I would go right away. But there’s not a lot around him. When you really look at that Green Bay team, the defense is not a really strong defense. And if Aaron Rodgers doesn’t have a big day, then they could struggle. But having said that, I’m kind of a Green Bay guy. I would think the Packers would beat Detroit.”

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In the AFC, how do the playoff-bound Broncos look as they prepare to meet the Raiders this weekend?

“They look like they’ve gotten tired,” Madden said. “Specifically (quarterback) Peyton Manning. You know it’s a long season, a long year. It’s a lot of hits. And they kind of peaked in the middle of the season. There was one period of time there where we’d say who was the best team in the AFC, and it would be Denver. And they were, they were at one time. The only thing is, it was the wrong time, because they are not peaking at the end of the season.” (6:50)

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