SACRAMENTO (KCBS)— Some California farmers are concerned of the potential for unintended consequences of President Obama’s executive action on immigration. Farmers worry the president’s action could lead to a shortage of farm workers and devastate California’s $46 billion agricultural industry.

The rationale behind this is that if the migrant workers who are employed at farms aren’t fearful of deportation, that they may seek jobs with more stability.

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UC Berkeley Professor Harley Shaiken says the concern is legitimate, but the certainty that this would happen is not certain.

Shaiken, who specializes in labor issues, says there are a number of barriers for many farm workers as it is.

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“For some there are language issues and for others the familiarity of where they are. They may have family reasons for remaining in a certain region,” Shaiken said.

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He added that the reality is that more people and people with new found mobility would be drawn to farm work if their wages increased, which could happen if farmers end up competing for fewer workers.