SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) John Madden has one question for 49ers owner Jed York and General Manager Ted Baalke following the departure of their head coach. Who will do a better job than Jim Harbaugh?

“The interesting thing is what they’re going to do now,” Madden told the KCBS Radio morning crew. “They knew that they were going to do this. So they had to think about it. When you’re going to get rid of someone, you better think of who you’re going to get that’s going to make you better. So it’s interesting to me to see who they’re going to get that they think is better than Jim Harbaugh.”

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York’s and Baalke’s displeasure with Harbaugh had been rumored for months, despite three consecutive trips to the NFC Championship game and a Super Bowl appearance.

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“They had two alternatives,” John said. “One, they had a great coach in Jim Harbaugh and they could have worked something out with him. When they didn’t do that, then they knew that they had to go to their plan. And this plan had to be, ‘Okay we don’t want him, we can’t live with that, but we’re in the business to win football games.’ It’s the highest competitive area there is. And you’re in it to compete and you’re in it to win. And you’re in it to get the best people to help you win. So it’s interesting to me who they have in mind, that when they decided to do this, who they had in mind that they were going to put in Jim Harbaugh’s place?” (7:05)

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