OAKLAND (KCBS)— Oakland Police are warning residents and sightseers on Grizzly Peak Boulevard in the Oakland and Berkeley Hills to be on the lookout for anything suspicious after two recent shooting incidents.

The first incident occurred on the night of December 19th when a sniper fired on a couple, hitting their car, but not injuring anyone. Sunday, December 28th, near the first incident on the 5400 block of Grizzly Peak Boulevard, a man was robbed at gunpoint by two suspects as he was parked and taking in the view. The robbers took the victim’s belongings and despite his cooperation, he was shot in the leg.

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Margaret Milliken jogs on Grizzly Peak Blvd. said these incidents bother her since she uses the route for her exercise daily.

“It means that I have to find a different place,” she said.

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Milliken said she was already on edge after a murder in nearby Huckleberry Botanic Regional Preserve just before Thanksgiving.

“I guess [they] robbed a man, a gentleman and murdered him and that’s the one that really bothers me. It’s like, oh my god. You’re not safe anywhere,” she said.

Other residents have expressed shock over the string of incidents.

Police have a description of the two men who committed the most recent robbery and shooting on Sunday night. They are described as male and Hispanic; one looked about 17-years-old and the other around 25.

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Anonymous tipsters can send Oakland Police Department a tip by text at 888777 from your cell phone followed by your tip, or call their toll-free tip hotline at 855-TIPS-247 (855-847-7247).