(KPIX) — The 60 mile per hour wind gusts due to slam the Bay Area overnight Tuesday could topple more trees, down power lines, and again plunge tens of thousands of people into darkness as wind shrieks through the trees around them.  And behind that comes a blast of Arctic air, plunging temperatures down to the mid 20s.

Check the charts below to see your city, and when the gusts, and the cold will be worst.

KPIX 5 Wind Futurecast models show gusts started strongest in the North Bay peaking just shy of 40 miles per hour at noon Tuesday.
BH FutureCast 24Hr Wind Gusts 1
By 6 p.m. Tuesday, the wind gusts kick up even stronger in Fairfield, and San Francisco will see gusts to 39 miles per hour, a 10 mile per hour increase from just a few hours earlier.
BH FutureCast 24Hr Wind Gusts 2
Then, as night wears on, Half Moon Bay will be screaming with gusts over 41 miles per hour.
BH FutureCast 24Hr Wind Gusts 3
By Wednesday morning, gusts are still nearly 40 miles hour. That’s a full 12 hours of near 40 mile per hour wind gusts for many cities, and near 30 mile per hour gusts for other cities.  As the sun comes up, things begin to change.
BH FutureCast 24Hr Wind Gusts 4

By 10 a.m. Wednesday, the winds have calmed back into the moderate range, with gusts in the 20 mile per hour range, as the cold front settles in.
BH FutureCast 24Hr Wind Gusts 5

Temperatures plummet as the front comes in, reaching clear down into the 20s by New Year’s Eve in the inland cities.

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