SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— The once a decade process has begun in San Francisco to redraw the lines of the city’s 10 district police stations. The new districts will reflect the population explosion South of Market around AT&T Park and at Mission Bay.

Once industrial sprawl and largely seen as a wasteland, Mission Bay is now a sprawling community with high-rise condos now dotting the skyline across the channel closer to the ballpark.

Police Chief Greg Suhr said the population shift will bring some changes to both the Southern and Tenderloin District Stations.

“The entire area of Mission Bay basically balances out Southern Station, giving Market Street to the Tenderloin Station and then they pick up Mission Bay,” said Suhr.

Tenderloin Station will expand a block south to Mission Street to provide a more adequate police response to the new businesses and housing along the booming mid-Market area.

The re-districting is supposed to help end confusion for which station is responsible for major borders.

“We tried to make the lines of all the districts as they’re currently re-drawn to be cleaner and on any major streets, both sides of the street belong to one district,” he said.

There will be three months of public comment with new lines officially drawn in the spring.


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