OAKLAND (CBS SF) — The Kingfish Pub & Cafe, a venerable dive bar in Oakland’s Temescal neighborhood, was moved this weekend from a location on Claremont Ave. to make way for a condominium development.

It didn’t go far. The Oakland institution, which first opened as a bait shop in 1922, was picked up and placed in its new location on Telegraph Ave., about 35 yards away.

A small crowd gathered Saturday morning to watch the wandering watering hole make the perilous journey to a new address next door to the Temescal branch of the public library.

Kingfish Pub Moved

A small crowd gathered to watch Oakland’s Kingfish pub moved to its new location on Telegraph Ave. (Stan Bunger/KCBS)

Kingfish partner Emil Peinert told KCBS reporter Mark Seelig that the hard part was figuring out what, exactly, would make the move. After consideration they decided to bring the entire green shack. So, it was jacked up and wheeled through the streets in one piece.

At the new address, the moving crew winched the structure into place atop blocks where it will rest for a couple of months while a new foundation and plumbing are installed.


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