SAN FRANCISCO (KPIX 5) – A Bay Area woman beat incredible odds to snag a table for two at what has been declared the best restaurant in the world, but she doesn’t have a date. She is deciding to take applications and more than 150 men have applied so far.

Stephanie Robesky has a reservation for two at the end of January at Noma, four-time winner of the Best Restaurant in the World award by Restaurant Magazine. It’s in Denmark, but for six weeks it will be open in Tokyo and that’s where Robesky has her reservation. 60,000 people applied. But she has other reservations.

“And as it has been coming up, I was sitting around, going, ‘Oh, I don’t really have anyone to go with,’” Robesky told KPIX 5.

And that’s where this story becomes the Bachelorette meets Top Chef. A foodie romcom.

“So I was sitting around with friends and I just thought it would be fun to put it on my website and open it up and see if anybody would maybe want to come with me,” she said.

About 160 people have emailed Robesky since she put the offer on the Nerd Girl website Friday, many who fit her profile. She is looking for a single man who lives in the Bay Area, age 28-46.

“Someone that is fun, intelligent, good looking, tall,” she said.

Even though it’s her birthday, Robesky said she will pay for dinner, that’s more than $500, for a meal that could include Reindeer moss, grasshopper slush, and live ants on yogurt. The date would pay for his airfare and room.

“I’ve had people from Singapore, Taiwan, Luxembourg, people in Tokyo that are originally from the Bay Area,” Robesky said, but she has ruled them out.

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