MORGAN HILL (KCBS)— A letter is going out to parents in Morgan Hill about an incident this week involving three 8th grade girls sent to the hospital after taking excessive amounts of an over-the-counter cold medicine apparently for its intoxicating effects.

Kids are calling it taking “triple C” According to Urban Dictionary; it stands for Coricidin, Cough & Cold, or cough, cold and congestion. But it appears some are taking it in large doses to get intoxicated or to experience hallucinations.

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Britton Middle School Principal Glenn Webb said on Monday the students were taken to the hospital and are expected to make a full recovery, but not before each took up to 12 tablets of the medication.

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One parent we talked to said she was really concerned about her daughter after the letter was sent out.

“They began to exhibit symptoms. That’s how we became aware. [We] rounded them up took them to the health office to be evaluated,” said Webb. “It’s one of those things that’s a drug that’s readily available with a lot of retailers. It’s in a lot of medicine cabinets at home and it’s not highly regulated.”

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The school district says it will be working with police to make retailers aware that the drug is being used improperly.