SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — In the classic Disney film “Bambi,” a young skunk named Flower — stricken by love — swoons as the blossoms bloom in an early spring thaw.

Charming though he was on celluloid, in real life that skunk would’ve stunk.

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The Humane Society of the United States reminds us that February through March, peak skunk mating season, is also the height of skunk stench season.

Skunks in Love (Bambi)

A young skunk named Flower (right) falls in love in the Walt Disney classic “Bambi.” (Walt Disney Studios)

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That pungent aroma is the smell of rejection, as uninterested females emit the odoriferous cloud to repel their unwelcome pursuing suitors.

The Humane Society reassures us that it’s fairly difficult to get sprayed by a skunk, as they usually give warning by stamping their front feet.

This warning often goes unheeded by dogs so the Society offers a helpful recipe for a de-skunking dog bath, as well as a suggestion for a safe way to coax a wandering skunk out of your garage.

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For more, see “February kicks off mating season for skunks” at the Humane Society website.