SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Recently the U.S Supreme Court refused to hear an appeal that would have overturned state law SB1520, which is the California state law forbidding the protection and sale of foie gras that’s made from force-feeding birds.

Dr. Jennifer Scarlett from the SF SPCA said the controversial delicacy literally translated from French is fatty liver.

“It’s made through the process of force-feeding ducks several times a day. What this does is it stretches their liver about 10 times its normal size. It’s considered by most animal welfare experts to be cruel,” she said.

As for animal rights, she said we’re at a watershed moment when it comes to other legislation across the United States to improve animal welfare.

“The conditions of food animals, whether it’s for specialty products like fois gras or veal, or those animals in factory farms, is arguably the most important animal welfare issue of our time and this decision gives states the right to cleanse their market of products that they deem to be cruel.” has more information where you can read on the background of why fois gras is banned and what you can do to promote animal welfare in San Francisco and in the U.S.