SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— Craft beer is nothing new, but visiting Fort Point Beer Co. in San Francisco recently, was new to me. I was surprised that they’re already a year old.

Yes, it’s located right at the old Fort Point in the city at the northern tip of the Presidio, near the Golden Gate Bridge. The company is making beer to be sold on draft and they have so many accounts of establishments that want to sell their beer.

Tosca is one of those. It’s their brew made exclusively for Tosca Café and was created with food pairings in mind.

I was able to taste some of the other brews including, Villager, a San Francisco-style IPA that has plenty of noticeable hops in its aroma and is on the bitter side.

If you’re a citrus fan, you’d love, Park, a hoppy wheat beer with 4.7 percent alcohol content. It’s a little unusual, but you definitely get some fascinating grapefruit flavor to the hop touch.

Manzanita, with its smoked beech wood, reminds me of the wineries that would add chips of oak for flavor. So this is the same kind of idea.

Westafalia has a rich-red color and a wonderful full body. This one has a 5.6 alcohol content.

You should check out their website for the full range of flavors and find out which of their beers is available at which of your favorite pubs.

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