SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – San Francisco is a fine looking city, we aren’t breaking any news there. But if you’ve ever lived here you know the real majesty of SF is the way the buildings, people, fog and sun come together and move a part in a steady flow that just can’t be captured in a single image.

To record the surging and ebbing energy of the city by the bay, some photographers have used timelapse. The results will make even the most jaded feel like they left their heart. We’ve put together a list of some of the best clips out there. Check them out below:

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What got us started is photographer/filmmaker Wyatt Roy’s video that made the rounds last week showing our fair city under October skies in 2014:

Some CBSSF Facebook friends chimed in with equally stunning images that we felt like we needed to share with you. Give these two submitted by Frank Menge a look:

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Here are a few more worth watching:

See New Year’s fireworks captured in 30 seconds:

Golden Gate sunset in less than a minute

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And don’t miss this one of the city minus all of the people: