SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A motorcyclist’s helmet-mounted camera captured video of him miraculously landing on his feet after a car ran a red light and smashed into the rider, flipping him and his bike over the hood in San Francisco.

Last Wednesday the rider was stopped at a light at the intersection of Ellis and Cyril Magnin streets near Union Square.  When the light turned green and the rider entered the intersection, a car can be seen running a red light and smashing into the motorcycle, flipping the rider into the air.

“He was slamming on his brakes, so it launched me forward; somehow I landed on my feet.  Actually pretty happy because that probably reduced any further damage that could have happened to my body,” Taylor Smith told KPIX 5.

Somehow the man managed to land on his feet and move to the sidewalk before bystanders rushed in to help.

The smashed up Triumph Daytona motorcycle can be seen lying on the ground.

Video of the crash was posted to Reddit.

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