SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A San Francisco tech worker making over $100,000-per year took to Reddit seeking advice on how to live in a tent to avoid paying rent.

Reddit user “xredxditx” posted to the r/AskSF sub-reddit hoping for feedback and advice from other Bay Area residents with experience living the extra frugal lifestyle.

The poster may have been inspired by other tech workers after he or she had “heard about google employees that live out of their cars in the parking lot to save money.”

Treasure Island seemed to be one of the original poster’s first choices for camping out, but after commenters pointed out that the island is heavily patrolled, that location was ruled out.

As for commenters poking fun at the idea of not being able to live and save money in San Francisco while earning a six-figure tech salary, the poster had a very level headed response.

“I want to live out of my tent, I’m not trying to insult anyone, in fact the whole point of this post is so I can be as little of an annoyance as possible.”


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