SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) – San Mateo-based GoPro has become synonymous with extreme sports. From back flips to cliff jumping, the the tiny cameras give us a view of human achievement we could never have imagined a decade ago. But, many of the most popular videos on the GoPro YouTube channel don’t feature people at all. Here are the some of the most amazing images of animal life captured on camera.

GoPro lists this as the second most viewed video in their history account. One more piece of evidence that people on the internet love cats…

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Speaking of cats this video shows one man’s unique relationship with some big ones.

If that felt dangerous, check out this one:

For a less stressful swim, this woman jumped in the waters of Palau with thousands of golden jellyfish:

Watch this sea turtle take a spin after humans free him from a buoy:

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There are a few points in here where whales and women seem to be on the synchronized swim team:

More than 4.5 million people hae watched this pelican try to fly with a GoPro on his beak:

Not every Pig spotted on the beaches of Oahu has as much fun as this one…

Safe to say the owner of this GoPro was happy the thing wasn’t strapped to his head during this shoot:

As if being a bike messenger in a big city wasn’t challenging enough without another living thing hitching a ride..

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It can be hard to catch a glimpse of dolphins off the Santa Cruz Coast, but check out this video from inside a pod of local dolphins. It almost doesn’t look real.