SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — As soon as this week, drivers going through Golden Gate Bridge’s Toll Plaza can expect some changes. Working crews will be closing two booths each month for the next two months to perform earthquake retrofitting.

John Eberle, the bridge’s deputy district engineer said the steel framing and structural framing of the building needs retrofitting.

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“Now that we have the barrier in, we are going to be closing down the booths (two different booths, booths 5 and booth 3) to put in structural bracing for retrofit,” he said.

Motorists can expect the changes to be different depending on if they approach the toll plaza at night or during the day.

“During the day, lanes 1-4 and lane 6 will be open, particularly in the morning commute time and then at nighttime we will also close lane 5 and 6,” Eberle said.

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Many motorists have been confused ever since the electronic toll collection was installed.

Eberle said there shouldn’t be much confusion with the retrofit project as long as drivers are aware and look up to see if the booth is closed.

He reminds that the speed at the toll plaza is 25 mph.

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He added that once a new roof is put in, the famous neon clock that was removed will be put back in place.