By Juliette Goodrich

ALAMO (KPIX) — The recent rise in egg prices has led to a shortage of chicks in the Bay Area.

John Bellandi, who owns Alamo Hay and Grain, told KPIX 5’s Juliette Goodrich that sales of baby chicks have risen about 30 percent in February.

Since California instituted a law that requires eggs sold in the state to come from humanely-raised chickens, egg prices have nearly doubled.

As a result, many people are raising chickens for the eggs.

Jackie Stewart, whose daughters are raising chicks, told KPIX “neighbors call [and ask] ‘can you please send down half a dozen eggs?'”

Baby Chicks


Bellandi picks up his chicks from the Alamo post office, where they arrive — dozens at a time — from Texas.

Pat Gulliford has 25 hens and one rooster which provide her with plenty of eggs.

“It’s like going back to simpler times and [it’s] nice to see people enjoying them like I have,” she told us. “[The eggs] have an orange yolk, no hormones and they are great to collect,” she added.

And, Gulliford assured us, the taste is amazing.