(CBS SF) — Friends of Robin Williams are asking a British documentary show to not broadcast an episode that would reconstruct the final hours of the comedian’s life.

Debi Durst, the artistic director of the Comedy Day event in San Francisco and a long-time friend of Williams, is launching the campaign on Facebook.

“This is so WRONG! REALLY, REALLY WRONG!!!” she posted.

“Autopsy: The Last Hours,” which airs on the UK’s Channel 5 television network, has deconstructed the death of celebrities including Michael Jackson, Brittany Murphy and Elvis Presley.

The series features forensic pathologist from the UK Dr. Richard Shepherd who “separates fact from fiction as he investigates the cases of celebrities who died unexpectedly.”

Williams is reportedly being played by French adult film star Alain Poudensan who also goes under the name Alain L’Yle.

Williams was 63 when he died at his Tiburon home in August. The coroner ruled his death a suicide that resulted from asphyxia caused by hanging.

His wife Susan Williams has said the actor and comedian was struggling with depression, anxiety and a recent diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease.

Williams had publicly acknowledged periodic struggles with substance abuse, and he had entered a substance abuse program shortly before his death. According to the coroner’s report, his wife told an investigator that Williams did not go there because of recent drug or alcohol abuse, but rather to reaffirm the principles of his rehabilitation.

Some fans on Twitter have expressed their outrage with the premise of the Autopsy show with comments like “#stayclassy” and “Shame on you, Channel 5.”



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