VALLEJO (KCBS)— The city of Vallejo no longer accepts sales tax money from medical marijuana dispensaries. City officials rejected $50,000 in taxes from dispensaries last week and operators of the businesses feel increasing pressure from the city to shut down. In addition, voters may be in for another ballot measure.

Rhonda Chadwick who runs Homegrown Holistic Collective says she feels like marijuana dispensaries are under attack.

“As if we’re all a bunch of bad guys and we’re not. If there’s bad guys out there go get ‘em. You know? But don’t throw the baby out with the bath water,” Chadwick said.

Other dispensary operators say they’ll fight any attempts by the city to put them out of business.
Better Health Group operator Morgan Hannigan thinks a solution can be found.

“I would love to see responsible, reasonable regulation. That’s what I have hoped for, but I think it is more likely that this will go to the ballot box,” said Hannigan.

KCBS contacted City Manager Daniel Keen’s office, but did not receive a response. According to the city’s website, a regulatory ordinance will be sought by the city council to limit the number of dispensaries in the city.

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