Have you ever spotted a drone over San Francisco? If the number of videos posted on YouTube is any indication, there’s one up there just about every second of every day. The problem is, most of those videos aren’t worth the time it takes your finger to move over and click the play button.

There are pretty good short clips that capture individual spots like Golden Gate Park or the waterfront near Fisherman’s Wharf, but if you’re really homesick for San Francisco you want to see more. Here are seven of the best edited drone videos that capture the city by the bay…

This first clip focuses mostly on the touristy areas: The Bridges, Embarcadero and North Beach:

This one captures perhaps the most stunning time of day, just before sunset:

This one has some of the most stunning images, but there are a few clips mixed in from other cities:

This drone gets up close, just above the people and traffic on a typical weekend:

Some of the best clips are themed. Here’s a look at SF during the holiday season:

This one gives you a look at Bay to Breakers from above:

This one even gives us a look at what crime fighting in the city might look like in the future:

Do you have a favorite clip we missed? Please leave a link in the comments section.

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