SAN JOSE (KCBS)— Ever since the closure of The Jungle homeless encampment in San Jose the homeless have been spreading throughout the city including places like San Jose State University.

According to students, it’s not uncommon to see homeless people walking around or sitting on benches on campus outside the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Library.

One woman on campus claimed that last week she witnessed a homeless man beating up his dog. She said people who were walking around noticed it, but no one really did anything about it and that it bothered her.

San Jose State Spokeswoman Pat Lopes Harris said they’re aware of the concerns.

“We have 30 sworn officers here and those officers are patrolling around the clock. So we do our very best to monitor situations to keep tabs on what’s going on our campus, but we do need help from people. We do ask that our people call in and let us know about their concerns right away so that we can respond.”

Lopes Harris also acknowledged that the homeless are allowed to use their library’s computers because it is a public space.