SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS) — Could you go 24 hours without your smartphone, tablet or computer? A non-profit organization is encouraging people across the country to try.

Starting sundown Friday through sundown Saturday, the sixth annual National Day of Unplugging is a chance to join others in a digital detox.

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New York City based Reboot is a group promoting Jewish traditions through events and projects that try to reach a younger, modern audience. The National Day of Unplugging is an outgrowth of the Sabbath Manifesto, a Jewish ritual of taking one day a week to unwind, unplug, and connect with nature and loved ones.

Reboot’s Tanya Schevitz says we’re increasingly missing out on important moments in our lives because our faces are buried in devices. “We all feel under attack all the time by all the technology, the emails, the Facebook posts and tweets.  It’s just too much to handle so it’s great to take a break,” she said.

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Schevits says she’s given presentations in schools and heard from kids who say they wish their parents would ditch texts and tweets and connect with them more. Even one quiet computer free dinner would make a huge difference.

“So often you see people sitting together, sitting at dinner and everyone is on their phone,” said Schevits.

Not able to shut the world out for a full 24 hours? Reboot says start small – try one evening and see what happens.


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