SAN FRANCISCO (KCBS)— The Navigation Center is San Francisco’s latest approach in its fight to aid the homeless. Located in what was an abandoned school at 16th and Mission Street, the pilot program is the first-of-its kind center with a goal of connecting the homeless with housing or substance abuse treatment or rehab within 10 days.

Director of the Mayor’s Office of Housing Opportunity Partnership and Engagement, Bevan Dufty said it’s particularly for people in encampments who find that shelters don’t work for them.
“There isn’t always a lot of storage, people can’t keep their pets with them, a male and female couple can’t stay together.

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Mayor Ed Lee said it comes as a better understanding is being achieved about some of the city’s most chronically homeless. The early story is, ‘I was forced into it. Now I’m used to doing it,’ rather than ‘I’m still seeking an alternative’,” Lee said.

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The mayor added that the challenge is coming up with more alternatives to solutions for helping the homeless.

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The pilot program is expected to last 18 months.