SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — A tiny threatened species of fish could complicate the state’s plans to blow up one of the piers of the old east span of the San Francisco Bay Bridge.

The Contra Costa Times reports that Caltrans has touted the plan as the least expensive and the best for the environment.

Officials say November appears to be a good time to execute the work because salmon and most fish species aren’t likely to be swimming near the span then.

Most fish, that is.

The state Department of Fish and Wildlife estimates 1,775 longfin smelt could be at risk during the detonation. The smelt have been low in numbers due to the state’s fourth consecutive year of drought.

“Normally putting a few fish at risk would not be such a concern, but this is an extraordinary condition with a species that is closer to extinction than ever before,” Gary Bobker, program manager for the Bay Institute, told the Contra Costa Times.

Officials are looking at way to alleviate the impacts on the longfin smelt.

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