OAKLAND (KCBS) – Alameda County Supervisor Nate Miley is calling for the Oakland Raiders to make the Coliseum a football-only stadium, and renovate it rather than building a brand new facility.

Miley said there are growing concerns that taxpayers would have to foot a huge bill, possibly $300 million, if a new stadium is built, while renovating the Coliseum would cost significantly less. It would also allow the Oakland A’s to build a new baseball-only stadium next door at the Coliseum complex as part of a ‘Coliseum City’ complex.

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The problem? KCBS, KPIX-5 and Chronicle Insider Phil Matier said Miley has already proposed the plan to the National Football League and it was quickly rejected and the idea doesn’t have support from the Raiders either.

“They’ve been going at these negotiations for 18 months and gotten nowhere,” Matier told KCBS Anchors Stan Bunger and Susan Leigh Taylor. “The bottom line is Mark Davis and the Raiders don’t have the money to do this deal. The NFL and Mark Davis say it’s a non-starter. But Miley says, you might not like it, but it’s possibly an alternative.”

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The Raiders have presented their own alternative, threatening to move to Southern California if a new stadium deal isn’t in place in Oakland.

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Oakland just signed a one-year Coliseum lease extension for $400,000.