DUBLIN (CBS SF) — A Dublin teen battling cancer who captured the hearts and minds of the nation is celebrating her last chemotherapy treatment.

Looking radiant, and sporting her infectious smile, Camille Chabot posed with a sign on her Facebook page that read “March 11, 2015, LAST CHEMO #AlwaysCamilleStrong.

Ever since the 19-year-old Cal Poly student was diagnosed with Stage 4 Hodgkins Lymphona months ago, her battle has become a rallying cry for an entire community of supporters. The Camille Foundation was set up to help raise money for her treatment.

CamilleStrong wristbands (Facebook)

CamilleStrong wristbands (Facebook)

Scarves, bracelets and t-shirts with #CamilleStrong have become the rage. The Oakland A’s are wearing them in a show of solidarity. On World Cancer Day, Camille got the surprise of her life to see a photo on Twitter of President Obama posing on Air Force One donning a t-shirt bearing the #CamilleStrong hashtag.

“Camille, the President wanted you to know he was thinking about you on AF1,” read the Tweet that spread like wildfire.

In a speech delivered at the Sandra J. Wing Foundation Gala last week, Camille summed up these last months.

“Cancer may have taken my sophomore year of college, my hair, and my abiltiy to have children naturally, but this disease has NOT taken my faith, nor my strength. And after March 11 — my 12th and final chemo treatment — I will be able to declare that cancer has not taken my life… I’m grateful.”

In a few days, Camille, along with friends and family, will celebrate the milestone with beers, pizza and a live auction at a Vito’s Restaurant, in Dublin.