KENSINGTON (CBS SF) — An East Bay dog owner has been in tears for days after she says a jogger in Kensington viciously and intentionally attacked her 2-year-old pug, killing it with a swift kick to the head.

“Every morning, every minute and every night, I miss her,” sobbed Stephanie Lisi. “I’m devastated. Not a day that goes by that I don’t remember her.”

Lisi says she was walking near the Berkeley border Saturday morning with the dog “Mei Fun” and a second pug “Moo Shu” when a jogger ran up in the opposite direction near Kensigton Hilltop Elementary.

The off leash dog ran up alongside the jogger, Lisi says. That’s when she says the jogger kicked the dog in the head, killing her.

“She was just lying on the ground with her legs stiffed. Her eyes rolled back and she wasn’t moving. And he kept running. So I had to scream for him to stop,” recalled Lisi.

The jogger told police he was scared and only lightly tapped the dog to get it to go away.

“It appears the officer at the scene determined there was no intent and so the officers did not make an arrest,” said Sgt. Rickey Hull.

Police say they have reason to believe the man was afraid. Animal Control confirms that a small dog bit him back in 2012.

Lisi says her pug is friendly, with no history of aggression.

“I want him to understand he has taken something from me, something precious. And I can’t have her back,” said Lisi.