CAMBRIDGE, Mass. (KCBS) – Ever have to tap on the bottom of that ketchup bottle to get the last drop out? Or squeeze and squeeze to try to get that last little bit of moisturizer? Now, a Massachusetts-based company has the solution.

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It’s called LiquiGlide. The company creates permanently wet slippery surfaces and allows viscous liquids to slide easily.

LiquiGlide CEO Dave Smith explains how it works. “Right now we spray-coat these coatings on the inside of bottles. In the case of condiments, we actually spray on perfectly safe, edible coating materials. In the case of beauty products, like conditioners or lotions, we usually make the coating from common ingredients of those ingredients,” Smith told KCBS. “We just spray them on before the bottles are filled.”

It was in 2009 that a Consumer Reports test found that consumers end up throwing away a decent amount of their moisturizers, condiments and laundry detergents because the contents get stuck to the inside of the bottle.

Smith said they have been contacted by numerous companies wanting to get the product in their package and they have been developing as quickly as they can custom coatings for lots of different applications.

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He said he’s not quite sure how soon LiquiGlide will hit the shelves in the United States.

“You can expect the first products to be launched in Europe, as early as the end of this year, more likely early next year,” Smith said.

Smith is also looking at coating petroleum storage tanks and pipelines.

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LiquiGlide was founded in 2012 to commercialize MIT’s patented liquid-impregnated surface technology.