OAKLAND (CBS SF) – As the firestorm grows over a new Indiana law that critics say could be used to discriminate against the LGBT community, Mayor Libby Schaaf of Oakland said the city won’t fund business travel to the state because of the measure.

In a written statement, Schaaf said she directed the City Administrator not to use city dollars for any business-related travel to Indiana. Schaff is also requesting the City Council to pass a resolution that would place a ban on traveling to the state on city business.

FULL LIST: California Organizations Condemning Indiana’s Religious Freedom Law

“As one of the most diverse cities in America, Oakland has been at the forefront of promoting the equitable treatment of its residents and fostering an atmosphere that promotes inclusion and the protection of our fundamental civil rights,” Schaaf said.

The mayor said a ban would be in place as long as the law is in effect.

Mayor Ed Lee of San Francisco has also banned travel to Indiana on city business due to the new law, after it was signed by Gov. Mike Pence last week. Over the controversy, Pence said Tuesday that he wants the law to be modified, but did not ask for a repeal.

Several major Bay Area businesses, including Salesforce, Apple, Levi Strauss and Gap, have also denounced the measure.


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