San Francisco (KCBS) — Heads-up bike lovers, one company’s data project reveals the most dangerous neighborhood to ride a bike in San Francisco is… South of Market.

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If you ride there, you probably didn’t need data to tell you that. San Francisco Bicycle Coalition Executive Director Noah Budnick calls the harrowing street grid by a different name, the “traffic sewer.”

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“Anybody whose walked around or biked around or even driven around knows how dangerous those streets are,” said Budnick.

San Francisco based analytic start-up Zendrive crunched the numbers. Data was collected from cell phone sensors tracking over 1,100 city street drivers for six months.  They were particularly interested in the kind of bad behavior that leads to accidents. “They compared where people are driving fast, where they’re using their phones and also where there’s a history of crashes,” said Budnick.

The results are useful but not surprising to bike safety activists. The Mission district and panhandle also dominated the list of areas with several bad streets.  Fell Street is particularly dangerous.

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As for the City’s worst intersections for car vs. bike collusions, most are along Market Street, from downtown to Valencia Street.