SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — San Francisco has the second worst traffic in the country, just behind Los Angeles, according to a website that measures congestion levels in urban cities.

The TomTom Traffic Index ranks traffic in 218 cities on 6 continents. On a global scale, The City is ranked 26th, well-behind big cities like Paris (22), London (16), Beijing (15) and Rome (13). Los Angeles beats them all, in the 10th spot.

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The three worst cities are Istanbul, Mexico City, and Rio de Janeiro.

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But back to San Francisco. According to, the most congested day on record was Tuesday, December 16, 2014. That was the day a major storm passed through the Bay Area. San Francisco airport canceled 80 flights due heavy winds and rain. The evening commute was a water-logged nightmare due to flooded roads.

According to the site, San Francisco’s worst morning congestion is midweek on Tuesdays, Wednesday and Thursdays. The worst evening congestion is on Thursdays.

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TomTom’s mission is to reduce traffic globally by providing traffic information so commuters can avoid congested roads and get to their destinations faster.