MILL VALLEY (CBS SF) — A woman vandalizing a Mill Valley neighborhood was arrested after spraying a homeowner with lighter fluid, trying to light her on fire when the homeowner confronted her, according to the sheriff’s department.

The Marin County Sheriff’s Office said the woman was spray-painting on property on the Panoramic Highway. When the homeowner confronted her, she allegedly doused the homeowner with lighter fluid and tried to set her on fire.

An off-duty firefighter saw the fight and tackled the suspect, the sheriff’s office said. Investigators said the woman had lit a garage on fire just minutes earlier.

The woman had been taken into custody once before for showing up at the same property and telling the owner she was moving in.

“We don’t know exactly the relationship she has here, why she’s infatuated with the neighborhood, and why she’s infatuated now directing her anger to the point of arson, and now being charged with attempted murder,” Marin County Sheriff’s Lieutenant Doug Pittman said.

The suspect was identified as a Richmond resident. Investigators think she may be tied to several arsons in the neighborhood in recent weeks.