By Brandon Mercer

SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (CBS SF) — Being drunk, making jokes about bombs, and wearing offensive clothing, can all get you kicked off a plane, and as evidenced by a Southwest flight from SFO to Los Angeles International Monday night, you can also get kicked for what you say to fellow passengers.

Writer Tam Vo wrote on  Twitter,  “The bad**s  attendants on my flight just booted a racist white male off the plane for calling a black female passenger ‘b****.'”

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She described the situation as a male passenger who was terse when a woman asked if she could sit next to him.  She said the man hissed the “b-word” at the fellow passenger.

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Vo wrote later that evening,  “I am so impressed by how staff immediately demanded an apology & ushered him off the plane to Customer Service.”

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Southwest Airlines tells CBS SF that crews have a good deal of latitude with how to deal with an unruly passenger.

Melissa Ford explained, “In the event that a Customer displays unacceptable behavior onboard our aircraft, our Employees are trained to work in conjunction with the flight crew to redirect, defuse, or remove the customer depending on the severity of the situation.”

She added, “Whether in the air or on the ground, maintaining a welcoming and safe environment for all of our Customers is a top priority.”

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The flight was briefly delayed while the passenger was escorted off the jet.