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SAN FRANCISCCO (KCBS)— KCBS Entertainment Editor Jan Wahl reviews two rock ‘n’ roll documentaries this week; “Lambert & Stamp”, which chronicles how two previously unknown filmmakers made history with The Who, and “Can’t Stop Losing You: Surviving the Police” which looks at the group dynamics of the Sting-fronted band.


Studio: Sony Pictures Classic
Director: James D. Cooper
Starring: Kit Lambert, Chris Stamp, Roger Daltrey, Pete Townsend, Richard Barnes, Heather Daltrey, Terence Stamp

About the Movie: 

Lambert & Stamp takes us to swingin’ 1960’s London, where two unknown, but ambitious filmmakers are trying to make a reality television show. Instead, they stumble upon creating rock and roll history.  Kit Lambert and Chris Stamp (Stamp, the brother of actor Terence Stamp who appears in the film) are two filmmakers hoping for a hit.  Through mod fashion, dangerous gangs and a sometimes glossy, spotty ride through the chaos; something suddenly changes it all. It’s not a traditional doc about The Who, but you do get a feeling of authenticity about that time and place and the wild characters who would deliver the greatest rock opera (Tommy) of all time.


Studio: Cinema Libre
Director: Andy Grieve, Lauren Lazen
Starring: Sting, Andy Summers, Stewart Copeland

About the Movie: 

Based on guitarist and multi-talented musician Andy Summers’ memoir, this documentary focuses on Stewart Copeland’s joining forces with an unusual guy named Sting to create The Police and their meteoric rise to fame. Drugs and groupies factor in, souls are destroyed, but a breakout star affects other members of the group. It’s not a traditional rock doc, but there’s great archival footage.

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