(SPONSORED CONTENT) – It’s not uncommon for a resident to be on multiple medications at once. Industrywide, senior care centers have relied on paper files to manage those medications. But Aegis Living leads the industry in raising the bar in high level care with the help of Microsoft Surface to help us administer medications. In essence, it means manual searches for a patients history are a thing of the past. Instead, the medical information is right at the caretakers fingertips — on the Surface — along with the resident’s photo and other safety precautions.

The system is called eMars, which stands for Electronic Medical Administration Records System. ­Being rooted in the land of iconic technology companies like Microsoft, helps Aegis innovate with the most efficient and enterprising solutions aimed at top level care. Watch this video to see eMars in action.

(Learn more about Aegis Living’s use of the Surface for their new Electronic Medical Administration Records system.)

(Dave Eskenazy – CFO) At Aegis you’re in a building that really feels like a home, and a community, and a really nice place to live.

(Dr. Shirley Newell – Chief Medical Officer) We take care of a large population of elderly people and our goal is to give them the best care possible.

(Christian Sumanti – Health Services Director) It’s a beautiful community, beautiful people, and wonderful staff.

(Dave Eskenazy – CFO) We have things like sports rooms and man caves and theaters with marquees. We hear a lot of, “Wow, I really didn’t think it would be like this.”

(Kristen Moored – Medication Care Manager) When I arrive in the morning I’m getting ready to administer medications. I have a medication cart that holds and houses all of the medications we have for every resident in the building.

(Dave Eskenazy – CFO) It’s not uncommon for a resident to be taking 10 medications at any one time. Administering those medications takes a process that is very sound and very secure. Classically in our industry and our company that’s been a very paper – manual process.

(Dr. Shirley Newell – Chief Medical Officer) We used to rely on a written, medical administration system and it was very time consuming.

(Kristen Moored – Medication Care Manager) I was so excited when I heard Aegis would start to use Surfaces for our eMARs program.

(Dave Eskenazy – CFO) We were looking for a manufacturer that was focused on our price, and a device that had a USB port, and long battery life. Whatever we were going to use had to travel on a med cart and be very mobile up and down our hallways.

(Christian Sumanti – Health Services Director) As the Medication Care Manager passes medications they will push the cart to wherever the residents are located. The Surface will display their medication list, their orders, as well as their picture.

(Dr. Shirley Newell – Chief Medical Officer) We can also look at someone’s history from many months ago, whereas before that had to be manually searched.

(Kristen Moored – Medication Care Manager) Often times with a resident you need to take their vital signs in order to decide if they get a certain medication or not. We’re able now to have the Surface remind us.

(Dave Eskenazy – CFO) Ultimately what this will do is further alleviate the possibility of medication errors.

(Kristen Moored – Medication Care Manager) People’s lives are in your hands, so you don’t want to make mistakes.

(Dave Eskenazy – CFO) There are currently 30 communities open and every one of our communities will roll out the Surface for eMARs.

(Dr. Shirley Newell – Chief Medical Officer) Our roll out of this system has been extremely well executed. We’ve done it in record time and the ease with which people are adapting to the system is incredible.

(Dave Eskenazy – CFO) What’s really neat about Aegis is we push the edges of what’s possible in senior housing.

(Christian Sumanti – Health Services Director) Using the Surface makes the process more efficient, safer.

(Kristen Moored – Medication Care Manager) I love using the Surface. It’s simple, it’s clear. And it makes your job easier.

Source: Aegis Living

Above content provided by Aegis Living


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