Imagine if you got a free cappuccino every time you beat someone in Words With Friends, or $5 off at Safeway every time you reach a new level in Candy Crush Saga.

You’re playing anyway, so why not get rewarded with REAL stuff from a mobile game.

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That’s the concept that 19-year-old KIIP CEO and Founder Brian Wong had when he built a company to reward people for doing things that make them happy anyway.

“We wanted to bring in brands to actually do something useful and actually delight you with something,” Wong told The Valley Girl’s Jesse Draper.

Mobile advertising that doesn’t suck, that’s the goal.

Wong graduated college when he was 18, and as an unemployed teenager, he realized people are playing games all the time, and as he studied how people play and why,

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“One thing I noticed that was very universal was this achievement moment, and the other insight that I had was that in this moment, people are happy.

“Now I could actually quantify the moments in time across app usage that people are happy,” Wong explained.

Brands tied with happiness is a very powerful thing, and Wong’s goal was to tie brands to those happy moments, and give rewards.

To get started he actually had to buy his own rewards to give people before companies came on board. Once people saw the success at a massive level, the brands came in with prizes, and his company is growing quickly with brands like Sour Patch Kids and Propel shown as examples at

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