SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — French fashion house Balanciaga is dealing with some very disappointed online handbag shoppers who thought they had gotten the deal of a lifetime.

Last Thursday, there was a buying frenzy purses on normally priced from $2000 to $3000 were listed for around $200.

A Twitter-frenzy ensued, with fashionistas passing the word via social media and by mouth. Most were willing to take a chance and risk two hundred bucks to get a bag worth ten times as much. Why not? After all, similar price glitches have resulted in unbelievably discounted prices for everything from blue jeans to airline tickets.

The low-priced luxury bags sold out quickly and customers were even emailed confirmation numbers.

It turns out it was a computer glitch, and issued an official statement, according to Refinery29.

“Due to an issue with for orders placed within the United States, signature Balenciaga products were made available for a limited time with incorrectly listed prices. Balenciaga will not be able to fulfill orders placed through our e-commerce platform during the time of the pricing error. Balenciaga regrets any inconvenience that this may have caused to its valued clients. Because Balenciaga values their patronage, clients who have been affected by the error will be reimbursed for their purchases and will be issued a gift certificate that will be redeemable at Balenciaga retail locations within the United States. Balenciaga customer service will contact each person individually with information on the gift certificate process.”

Balanciaga lovers are still reeling over the pricing error on Twitter.