SAN FRANCISCO (CBS SF) — Loose-fit, slim-fit, whatever your fit… it seems there really is a Levis fit for every body, even Japan’s biggest Sumo wrestler.

When Japanese sumo star, Yama came through San Francisco last week, Levi’s CEO Chip Bergh arranged to have him custom-fitted for a pair of jeans at the flagship store on Market Street.

Yamamotoyama Ryuichi, known simply as Yama, is not just Japan’s heaviest Sumo wrestler ever, he’s the heaviest Japanese man in history, measuring 6 foot, 3 inches, and weighing almost 600 pounds.

Yamamotoyama at a Sumo Tournament in Tokyo, Japan. (Wikimedia Commons)

Yamamotoyama at a Sumo Tournament in Tokyo, Japan. (Wikimedia Commons)

Bergh assumed Yama’s 76-inch waist would require a custom pair of Levis. After all, when you weigh more than a quarter of a ton, virtually everything is custom. Even Yama’s airplane seat is supersized. He takes up 2 economy seats if first-class is full.

Imagine Yama’s surprise when he found out the Levis store carried his size. Actually, the 74-inch waist pair was part of a promotional display, but after a nip and tuck here and there, they fit!

Yama says it was the first pair of jeans he’s had since he was a boy.

Yama’s jeans are not the biggest pair of Levi’s ever made. According to Guinness World Records, the largest Levis measure 98 feet high, and are on display in Seoul, South Korea.

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